Welcome to newsletter of CWF

Semester 11 is well on the way, with our volunteers doing a four day excursion to Steung Treng.

After a very long long bus trip our new teachers had the opportunity to see the work that the Cambodian Rural Development Team are doing in this province.

During the 4 days they visited a rural village and stayed overnight in a home stay environment. No running water, No electricity. A visit to one of the local primary school was a highlight our time in the province.

Following are photograph taken on this excursion.


Here we go. we are not nervous. Boat is leaking and crew putting on life jackets


Hey this is fun.


Community teachers, CRDT staff and volunteers


Volunteers’ teaching school children a song


Children teaching volunteers a song about good hygiene. Books and pens in foreground are gifts from the volunteers.


Bye bye


Who is this lady, we keep seeing her everywhere ?

First week of teaching has commenced, everyone excited and a little nervous but looking forward to meeting their students.