Welcome to CWF Kratie!

For many years, CWF has been planning to open a new school campus. Earlier this year, after a lot of thought and discussion, CWF conducted a viability study in conjunction with CRDT, and prepared a plan to launch our new school in the rural town of Kratie, home of CRDT.

Establishing a school in Kratie, close to CRDTs main office, along with our other partners, Le Tonle, and CRDT Tours will forge closer ties between us, allow us to share facilities, and lend technical and networking support. CWF Kratie will provide language courses in an area where access to educational opportunities are limited, where student demand is high and competition is low. It also lets CWF fulfill an aspect of our mission as a social enterprise; CWF does not just exist to generate funds for CRDT, but also to provide affordable English Language classes to Khmer students from all walks of life.


The teaching programme will follow the same formula as CWF Phnom Penh, and will be under the same management structure. Teachers will undergo orientation and training, then begin a 10 week semester teaching students in Kratie. They will teach the same conversational speaking skills, using our locally relevant curriculum. Initially, classrooms may be rented from a local university, although we already have a building earmarked for when we are confident of teacher numbers. The volunteer experience will be different in Kratie, the rural lifestyle encourages a more engaged relationship with Cambodia; the language, food, and people. The volunteers will be closer to the action, with CRDT just around the corner! We’ll be up in Kratie next week setting things up and ironing out details, so there will be more info to come!
Semester dates will align with those of CWF Phnom Penh, with the first semester planned for September 2015.

“September?!” You say, “Isnt that quite soon?” Why yes; Yes it is! And thats why we’re now asking anyone interested in being a part of this next big step at CWF to get in touch! We’ve set up a temporary website, if you or anyone you know is looking for something a little different, something to brag about and slap on your CV, why not join us in a team of 4-5 teachers (or more?!), supported onsite and from Phnom Penh, to form the founding team of teachers at CWF Kratie!

Check out the CWF Kratie website, and get in contact with Michael at info@volunteerincambodia.org for more info and to let us know you’re interested!

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