CWF in South East Asia Backpacker

Check out past volunteer Conan’s great piece on CWF in South East Asia Backpacker:

Volunteer survey, have your say!

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Volunteering in Cambodia

Check out CWF in the Canberra Times this week! We’re keen to recruit more volunteers for June!

How to prepare volunteers and charity workers for overseas work

(This article was originally written for The Guardian and can be found online here: Preparing staff for international work can be a daunting prospect. This is particularly the case for small charities working to a tight budget. Yet adequate preparation is vital. Without it, workers are less likely to achieve their organisation’s objectives and their personal well-being is put at risk. Working overseas …

Valuing Choice in Education

CWF wrote a post for on meeting the challenge of teaching English in a developing country like Cambodia: What American holidays or festivals do you know? Believe it or not, this is taught in Cambodia. The fascination with the Western world means that teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Cambodia is modeled on Western paradigms. This approach …