Anne – Group 1

CWF was my first job teaching English and I experienced a great and interesting time. Teaching Cambodian students gave me more insight into their culture, backgrounds and way of learning. I’ll never forget that time.

Alice – 2007 Adviser

Cambodia is addictive, it’s hard to leave and even harder to stay away once you’ve lived and worked here!

Jai – Group 6

Teaching at Conversations With Foreigners is a rich and rewarding experience and I advise it to anybody. You’ll make real connections with your students and be given the opportunity to encounter this culture at a deeper level. The teachers here are supported on a personal level as required. You will share with and exchange support from those other volunteers who …

Anna – Group 6

CWF is a fantastic school; and it gives people who want to volunteer the perfect opportunity to learn and really become part of and experience Cambodia culture. The students are incredible, they are so respectful, friendly and very curious about foreign culture, they really are a pleasure to teach. This organization is different to many other volunteer programs as the …

Tim – Group 6

Tim - Group 6

Teaching at CWF is a great experience. Working with students across a variety of ages and life experiences gives the teacher a real insight into life in Cambodia. Seeing the students’ conversation skills develop over the course of the semester gives you a real buzz. The local staff at CWF provide a fantastic support and really help you transition into …