Parsoua – Group 6

It has been a blessing for me to be a part of CWF. I have been taken away by the staffs friendliness, humble attitude and hospitality. The student’s strong desire to learn is also a great motivation. I value everyday I spend in Cambodia, its charm, hospitality and rich culture add so much to the experience and CWF’s staff make …

Bethany – Group 4

I’m a university student in the US and I came to CWF and Cambodia for my Summer holiday. The students arethe best part of the experience, and a close second is living in Phnom Penh. I’m so thrilled that I decided to come, it’s been a wonderful experience!

Jessica – Group 4

The students at CWF were wonderful – smart, enthusiastic and attentive. I’ve really enjoyed my experience here and will miss the school when I return home.

Michelle – Group 4

Teaching at CWF has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Meeting, working with and teaching Cambodian people has been a pleasure. I could not recommend this organisation or project more highly.

Karine – Group 4

My experience with CWF was really rich with smiles, emotions and friendships. The staff at the school were incredible and very supportive. Teaching Cambodians and learning more about their culture was very interesting for me. Also, teaching with CWF gives you a fabulous opportunity to get some teaching experience and to be creative with your lessons. I loved living in …