Ken – Group 14

Cambodia has been one of my best life experiences of all time. Teaching and talking with my students at CWF has been rewarding and uplifting; and I am keen to keep in touch with them as they develop. The Khmer people have welcomed me whole heardtedly and I have visited many beautiful places. I hope to return one day.

Sally – 2008 Adviser

I have been the Communications Advisor to the Volunteer Coordinator at CWF for one year. Being a volunteer at Conversations With Foreigners has been a truly enriching experience. The support I received from the staff, students and other volunteer was amazing. I developed life-long friends that I will always keep them in my heart. The dedication to the school is …

Parsoua – Group 6

It has been a blessing for me to be a part of CWF. I have been taken away by the staffs friendliness, humble attitude and hospitality. The student’s strong desire to learn is also a great motivation. I value everyday I spend in Cambodia, its charm, hospitality and rich culture add so much to the experience and CWF’s staff make …

Bethany – Group 4

I’m a university student in the US and I came to CWF and Cambodia for my Summer holiday. The students arethe best part of the experience, and a close second is living in Phnom Penh. I’m so thrilled that I decided to come, it’s been a wonderful experience!

Jessica – Group 4

The students at CWF were wonderful – smart, enthusiastic and attentive. I’ve really enjoyed my experience here and will miss the school when I return home.