Tom – Group 7

During my three months in Cambodia I have fallen in love with the place. The attitude of not only the students, but also the staff at CWF is second to none. These factors combined with the beauty of Cambodia and the outlook of it’s people have made this such a valuable experience for me and one which I will never …

Hannah – Group 7

I’ve loved my time in Cambodia and teaching at CWF. I’ve had so much fun getting to know the other volunteers and staff at the school. There is always someone who is more than willing to help with any problems you might have. Teaching has also been an amazing experience, I’ve never taught before but despite being terrified at first, …

Lil – Group 7

CWF has been so supportive during the entire process of organizing my trip to Cambodia, settling in and learning how to teach a room full of students. It was my first time overseas and CWF ensured my safety and happiness. I would not hesitate to recommend this program, especially to people traveling for the first time.

Chris – Group 7

Volunteering with CWF has been a great experience. The students are fun to teach and very willing to learn. The style the school encourages is informal with an emphasis on students and staff enjoying themselves. The support from the staff is excellent. We all felt that we were made extremely welcome and very well looked after while we were here. …

Ken – Group 14

Cambodia has been one of my best life experiences of all time. Teaching and talking with my students at CWF has been rewarding and uplifting; and I am keen to keep in touch with them as they develop. The Khmer people have welcomed me whole heardtedly and I have visited many beautiful places. I hope to return one day.