Chris – Group 8

CWF was a very rewarding experience for me. I highly recommended that you should give it a go.

Jane – Group 8

I looked forward to coming to Cambodia as a volunteer English teacher, and the experience has lived up to my expectations. I had taught before, and have learnt many new activities and ideas which I have been able to try out on my students. The students are a pleasure to teach and eager to learn. CWF is well organized and …

Amy – Group 8

CWF is a well organised school run by committed individuals who are passionate about bettering the lives of others. The experience was fun, yet challenging, immensely satisfying and very worthwhile.

Ally – Group 7

Teaching at CWF has been a great and rewarding experience. The staff always have a smile and are always there to support you. I have loved living in the volunteer house and couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people to share with. I’ve really enjoyed my three months teaching and will certainly miss my bright & smiley students.

Jess – Group 7

Working at CWF has been great. You couldn’t wish for more friendly and supportive staff, the students are keen and friendly and the teaching has been rewarding and fun- even with no previous experience. I have also been lucky enough to meet a great group of people, whilst living in the volunteer house. Cambodia is an amazing place. I hope …