Colin – Groups 18 & 23

CWF is an ideal organisation to gain experience teaching English abroad. The program is geared around caring and supporting the volunteers. Every effort is made to make your time there easy and enjoyable. And of course you are supporting a very worthwhile cause.

The Floating Biodigester Project

A great project in the Phat Sanday floating community on the Tonlé Sap to help improve water quality, reduce deforestation, and provide a sustainable, renewable fuel for cooking and lighting.  Live & Learn Environmental Education and Engineers Without Borders Australia partnered to implement this project. Our partner NGO Cambodian Rural Development Team uses the same system on Koh Pdao and …

Guest Post: To Udong, The Long Way..

Semester 23 volunteer Alysha shares a trip to Udong Mountain, the former Royal capital of Cambodia. Despite not intending to visit Udong, this motorbike trip was certainly one to remember! A few weeks ago, during a five day holiday, a few fellow volunteers and I decided to stay in Phnom Penh and save money. So of course, we decided to …

Guest Post: The things I’m going to miss about Cambodia

Another guest post from Semester 23 volunteer Anand. He’s back on the road, now in Turkey, after his 3 months with us during our February – May 2012 semester.   Turkey thinkin’: The things I’m going to miss about Cambodia   Despite first impressions, it turns out that Turkish night busses are ideal environments for personal reflection and evaluation. The …

First day of Semester 24!

CWF’s 24th semester begins today, and our new group of international volunteers are introducing themselves to their new students. Group 24 travelled to Kratie province last week to meet CRDT, and join a CRDTours trip to Koh Pdao, and spent the weekend tweaking and testing their lesson plans. More photo’s from the trip to Kratie & Koh Pdao coming soon!