We are closed for Pchum Ben

Offers of food to appease spirits during the Pchum Ben Festival, Wat Kaoh Thum, Kandal Province

Please be advised CWF will be closed during Pchum Ben festival. Any application or correspondence may not be checked until we reopen on Thursday 18th of October. We wish all students and volunteers a safe and happy Pchum Ben. Sabay na!

CWF’s 25th Semester: 6 years of improving English and cultural exchange!

CWF 2006-2012 Student and volunteers

Today is the first day of our 25th semester, with a great team of volunteers from Canada, The U.S., Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, Spain, and Italy! We’d like to thank our newest volunteers for helping us to improve Cambodia! Our 25th semester also marks our 6th anniversary. Since September 2006, thanks to the incredible efforts of more than 350 …

Anand – Group 23

Whenever people ask ‘so, how was Cambodia?’ I am often left wishing that the question asker had a spare 5 hours for me to list all of the things I loved about my time there. Sadly, 5 minutes is generally the longest available time so most of these things go unsaid. Volunteering with CWF was the best thing I have ever done and …

Colin – Groups 18 & 23

CWF is an ideal organisation to gain experience teaching English abroad. The program is geared around caring and supporting the volunteers. Every effort is made to make your time there easy and enjoyable. And of course you are supporting a very worthwhile cause.