CWF sets you up with an initial training and you can feel confident teaching!

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Jeremy (USA) – June 2016

VolunteerInCambodia is the BEST and MOST FULFILLING PLACE to volunteer ! I know because I did a ton of research before selecting them. I work with the school CWF which is extremely professional and cares deeply about their students. CWF sets you up with an initial training, so even with little to no teaching experience you can maximize the impact you have with your students.

The curriculum is 100% conversational, functional, and does a great job building on itself from low level to high level. It is the perfect blend of review and new material for students so they can feel confident learning and you can feel confident teaching! The students will literally melt your heart with their joy and teamwork and motivation to learn. The impact you will make at CWF is two-fold: First, you be making a huge difference with your students, helping them improve their English and advance their career. Second, 60% of the profits from the student’s tuition payments go to another program called CRDT (Cambodian Rural Development Team). CRDT goes to provinces in Cambodia and works on various projects. Some are complicated, such as getting local Cambodians set up with running fresh water. Some are simple, such as building a pig-pen and supplying a pig which allows locals to breed and sell live pigs as well as giving them a sustainable food source. These sustainable living and income projects that are vital to Cambodian people! Did I mention the teaching is incredibly fun and rewarding??!! A couple of times a week while my students are completely engaged in their activity or game, I take a moment to truly appreciate the opportunity to impact the lives of these amazing people.”

September 23, 2016