Social Enterprise, NGO’s, and donations

Our volunteers often ask us whether they can donate to CWF to help build our program and facilities. While we’re incredibly grateful for their offers, we always decline. Why? Because we’re a social enterprise, not an NGO.

So what is a social enterprise? A social enterprise is a business where the commercial strategy is designed to improve society, rather than generate profits for external shareholders. Here at CWF, we do this by offering affordable English courses to help build Cambodia’s human resource capacity, increasing awareness of other cultures, and by donating 60% of our annual net profit to CRDT. The remaining 40% is put back into CWF to help us improve. We’re planning to improve our governance and operations, further refine our volunteer program, and expand to provide our service to more students throughout Cambodia (more on this in future blog posts!).

So, when people offer to donate to us, we instead direct them to CRDT, our partnering NGO. They do have the resources and people to accept donations. In fact, CRDT relies on local and international donors such as CWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature, United Nations Development Program, AusAID, and IPADE to develop, implement, and assess their rural development projects. They are able put your money to work directly in their target communities – helping to provide training and capacity development, advocacy and the tools for communities to create change from within.

Check out the latest report from CRDT’s work in Kratie province at their Global Giving page, where you can donate directly to provide tools and equipment so communities can take control of their own food production, create or increase income, and provide a healthier diet for their families. Just $40 can provide a subsistence farming family all the materials needed to begin raising healthy, productive pigs for sale, breeding, and food.

Empower 325 Cambodian Families to be Self Reliant


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