Siem Reap and the corn fields

If you have already traveled to South East Asia, I am pretty sure you already heard about Siem Reap and especially the Angkor Temple, one of the most beautiful human construction that went through time and still exist.

If you want to know more about Angkor Wat : (clic here)

But fortunately, this huge piece of history does not need our help to sustain itself. The number of visitors increases every year with more and more caring from its population.

CWF interests was on one of the many khmer corn fields, but one the rare organic corn fields (which corns are actually white !).

The corn field grows well, but the maintenance of soils and stocks are quite difficult

It was actually surprising to see how huge was corn fields. This was the main activity but we could see the beginning of many vegetables growing from eggplants to cabbage.

The agriculture in Cambodia offers a beautiful landscape that easily mixed with its natural environment and people from the countryside are fully aware of it. That is also one of the reason Khmer people aim for an entire organic crop as it is one essential food for khmer cuisine or daily products, the importance of developing this activity in an organic way will facilitate the transition once Khmer market will open even more to the international market.

The water draining machine

CWF will give a hand to invest on new techniques as irrigation, soils management, using silos (which is a major problem as they usually do not have the facilities the store and maintain good quality grains). The water draining machine you can see above is actually their only way to irrigate their huge fields, which usually takes about 20mn just to be turned on as you have to fulfill with the entire waterpipe before being able to use the machine.

Enjoying the corn for sunset


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