Semester 11


Semester end

Semester eleven has now finished and we say good by to all our volunteers: Sarah, Bill, John, Anne, Anna, Cindy, Mickael, Jacob, Carrie, Stephanie, Sara, Lulu, Rachel and the two Lauras,

CWF would like to thank all our volunteers for their commitment and contribution and take with them our best wishes for the future.


John won the fancy dress award

Two of our volunteer, Sarah and Anna are remaining in Cambodia having gained employment as teachers at two private English schools. They join the growing number of ex CWF/CamTEFL volunteers who now are working full time in Cambodia.

Khmer New Year and semester break

During the last 6 weeks, we have celebrated the Khmer New Year with many of the volunteers spending the holidays staying in the Provinces with staff and their families.


Traditional Khmer music instrument

During Khmer New year it is traditional to through powder on everyone



Volunteers learning traditional dance during Khmer New Year


Preparing lunch

Sihanouk Ville was the main destination for the semester break where everyone enjoyed the sun-sand and sea. Some of the volunteers took the opportunity to visit near by countries or the more remote provinces of Cambodia.




Why do we volunteer?

The following is an extract from the facebook entry of semester eleven volunteer “Stephanie”


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