Teacher Training

Teaching Training Session at CWF

Teaching Training

CWF provides extensive on-the-job teaching training from our Education Services Manager. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher with years of experience, or newly qualified in ESL teaching just starting your journey; our series of workshops, observations, peer reviews, and one on one sessions will give you new professional skills directly applicable to the classroom.

Training Schedule

Teacher training at CWF involves several elements, both individual and collaborative. Some of the key elements include:

Orientation Training

During your first week in Cambodia, we run an orientation to introduce you to Cambodia and CWF. This includes Cultural, Health and Safety, as well as teaching training. Initial teaching training focuses on CWFs approach to conversational English teaching, an overview of CWFs unique Cambodia-centric curriculum and how to use it, activities and strategies for the classroom, and a glimpse into the students point of view.

Weekly Teaching Workshops

In addition to the initial teaching workshops, CWF continues to run a series weekly workshops, totaling approximately 20 hours on subjects of particular relevance to teaching ESL in Cambodia, such as:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Concept Checking
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Pronunciation: Vowels
  • Pronunciation: Consonants
  • Timelines
  • Prosody
  • Debating ideas and group discussions
  • Using media in the classroom
  • Using alternative course books and teaching material
  • Student Grading
  • And more!

Workshops are tailored to suit the needs of teachers and students. Topics covered vary depending on the competencies and requirements of particular semesters.

Observations and Reviews

During your semester you will be periodically observed in the classroom by our Education Services Manager. This is not as scary as it sounds! It enables us to identify strengths and weaknesses of individual teachers, and provide personal feedback. It also helps us plan workshops that will be directly beneficial to teachers, improving
the classroom experience for both teachers and students!

Peer Reviews

As well as workshops and reviews by our ESM, CWF also arranges a schedule of peer reviews. Teachers observe each others classes, and review lesson plans, providing valuable feedback, and maybe learning a few tricks from their fellow teachers! This collaborative teamwork is an important element of CWF; your fellow teachers are one of your greatest resources!

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