Zero Fee Volunteering

No Programme Fee.
No Application Fee.

First Things First.

We never charge volunteers to participate in our program.

Compared to many other volunteer programs, both in Cambodia and elsewhere, you’ll find this is a pretty good deal. Our mission is to raise funds for NGOs, not make a profit off our volunteers.

While there are costs associated with volunteering, and you will have to pay your own expenses, none of those expenses need to be paid directly to us. We can assist with visas, accommodation, etc; if you prefer to make your own arrangements, you are more than welcome!

We’re just happy to have you with us, and value your contribution through time and skills, not through your wallet!

Academic Support and Teaching Workshops

Full 24/7 Living Support

Unique Cultural Experience

Affordable Housing Options

Tell me more!

Are you sure I don’t have to pay anything to you?

  • There are a few things that we arrange for your convenience and enjoyment.
    These are all optional, and provided at cost:

    Volunteer House accommodation and meals – $725

    Meals at the House for independents – $2 per meal

    Orientation Trip – Approximately $100 (depends on group size)

    Social Activities – Usually around $5 per person

  • If you volunteer with us and choose to live independently, you will not pay us any fee. You will only have to cover your own expenses.

    We offer an accommodation and meals package at our Volunteer House for $725 for the duration of the programme. At less than $250 / month, living in our secure Volunteer House is the most economical option, however some volunteers prefer to live independently for greater comfort and privacy, in which case we will assist in finding suitable accommodation nearby.

    Whether living independently or in the volunteer house, volunteers receive full support from our team.

So what will I have to pay for?

  • You will have to cover your travel costs and associated expenses, as well as your general living expenses while in Cambodia.

    Cambodia can be very cheap, or as decadently expensive as you wish. This list indicates minimum budget considerations.

    Everyone has different needs, so we can’t give everyone a precise amount they should budget. We advise a minimum budget of $500 per month if living independently, to cover rent, utilities, meals, spending money, etc.

  • For Everyone:
    Airfares – US$500 – 1500
    Insurance – US$150 – 200
    Visas – US$35 (visa on arrival), plus US$77 (3 month extension)
    Police Check – Varies by country, consult your local authority.
    Vaccinations – Consult your doctor.
    Spending Money – US$200 – 300 per month

    For Independents:
    Accommodation – US$200+ per month + $30 Utilities.
    Meals – US$3 – 5 per meal, Street food ~$1.50


Upon acceptance, we will send you a confirmation letter that will assist you to obtain a Cambodian Ordinary (E-Type) visa. Because each program is 3 months long, a Tourist (T-Type) visa is not suitable, as they cannot be extended for the required three months.

The Ordinary visa (also called a ‘normal’ or ‘Business’ visa) is very easy to obtain on arrival, there is no need to apply before you arrive. The initial one month entry visa costs US$35, and we will assist you to renew this before it expires. A three month renewal costs around US$77.

Orientation Trip

During the 10 day orientation program, volunteers could have the opportunity to visit one of the development projects in provincial Cambodia. Here volunteers can experience local hospitality in traditional stilt-house, local food and living experience with local village members.
The cost of this excursion is around $100 to cover accommodation, homestay, meals and transportation, and is in addition to all other costs.

Our Volunteer House

Current cost of living in the house for the duration of each semester is US$725, payable on arrival in Phnom Penh.

This covers your basic living needs while volunteering with us. Included in the fee is a twin-share room with ensuite, meals (except on weekends, and public and academic holidays), and house facilities such as internet access with WIFI, and cable TV. This fee also covers the costs of maintenance, upkeep, and improvements to the house, and wages for the cook and cleaner. If there are less volunteers than expected, you won’t have to pay more, and if there are more volunteers than expected, the extra money will be added to the money raised for CRDT.

We aim to break even on managing the volunteer program by volunteers covering their own costs, so that all profit from the school goes to development projects. Most semesters, the volunteer house ends up running at a small loss.