Our Volunteer House

 We offer volunteers two accommodation options:

live in our shared volunteer house, or

 live independently in a private rental apartment

Demand for our volunteer house is often high, so it is best to apply early! If our volunteer house fills, we do love more volunteers, but they must live in independent accommodation.

 The Volunteer House

2012 Khmer New Year ceremony at the Volunteer House

2012 Khmer New Year ceremony at the Volunteer House

 See more of the volunteer house in our gallery

  • If you choose to live in the volunteer house, you will share a bedroom with private bathroom with one other volunteer in a house with up to 12 volunteers.
  • The house is about ten minutes walk from the school and the house fee includes a bicycle to get around town.
  • There are fans in all rooms, but no air conditioning.
  • There are no hot showers in the house, which is standard for Cambodian houses.
  • Bedrooms are lockable and secure.
  • Breakfast, a cooked lunch, and dinner are prepared by our Cambodian cooks every weekday except on Cambodian public holidays and school holidays (7 to 9 days during each semester).
  • Most meals are Khmer dishes, usually served with rice or noodles.
  • We can cater for vegetarians and vegans, and various allergies. Please ensure you inform us of your dietary requirements in your application.

[warning_box title=”Volunteer House” ]Current cost of living in the house for the duration of each semester is US$725, payable on arrival in Phnom Penh.(This is subject to change at CWF’s discretion) [/warning_box]

This covers your basic living needs while volunteering with us. Included in the fee is:

  • a twin-share room with ensuite, including all linens
  • all weekday meals, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes (except on Cambodian public holidays and academic holidays)
  • tea, coffee, bread, jams, and lots of tropical fruits!
  • 2mpbs internet access with WIFI
  • a shared desktop PC with printer
  • daily English language newspaper subscription
  • cable TV
  • a bicycle for each resident of the house
  • CCTV and an overnight security guard

The fee also covers cooking and cleaning supplies, electricity, gas, and water bills, and rental costs of the property and a small portion of expenses related to administration of the volunteer program and general maintenance and improvements to the house, salaries for our 2 cooks and cleaner. If, at the end of each semester there is unspent money from the house fees (this rarely happens, as indicated by the cost breakdowns below), it is added to our donations to CRDT.

We manage the volunteer house with the intention of it being self sufficient, and breaking even on expenses. The house fee allows our volunteer program finances to be completely separate from our school revenue and expenses. 

We aim to break even on managing the volunteer program by volunteers covering their own costs, so that all revenue from the school is put back into the community through our operational expenses (such as rent, salaries, suppliers, insurance) and our donation to the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT).  Most semesters, the volunteer house ends up running at a small loss, as you can see in the Volunteer House Fee Breakdowns below.

To see the breakdowns of how the volunteer house fee is used, please download the following documents:

[two_third] 2012 Volunteer House Fee Breakdown [/two_third][one_third_last] Download [/one_third_last]

[two_third] 2011 Volunteer House Fee Breakdown [/two_third][one_third_last] Download [/one_third_last]

[two_third]2010 Volunteer House Fee Breakdown [/two_third][one_third_last] Download [/one_third_last]

For details of the school’s finances, please see our financial disclosure page.

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 Independent Living

You are welcome to live independently in private accommodation. If you wish, we can help to find affordable, comfortable and secure apartments in the local neighbourhood. We have a number of trusted landlords in the area who have hosted many of our independent volunteers.

Often, we match independent volunteers to share apartments. This helps keep costs low.

If you prefer to find your own accommodation, we can advise the best way to find rental properties around Phnom Penh.

If you choose to live independently, you will deal directly with the landlord and pay them your monthly rent, electricity, water and cable TV fee (optional).

Independent volunteers pay no fee to us at any time.

For more details on private living costs, please visit our costs page.

Local markets and convenience stores are all close by, and there is a western style supermarket around 10 minutes away by Tuk Tuk or Moto. There are also lots of excellent and cheap places to eat and drink around town.

 See what’s around our neighbourhood: Toul Tom Poung on a large map

Canby’s Phnom Penh Guide Book also has lots of great information for independent living.

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Some examples of apartments we can arrange

Please note that most apartments are furnished with basics such as chairs, tables, couches, beds, and basic cooking equipment. Sometimes items such as sheets, pillow cases, cutlery and crockery is not included, but can be purchased at the local markets.

This one bedroom apartment has 24 hour security, lift access, and has a western style kitchen, A/C and small balcony. Rent is around US$400 per month, plus utilities (electricity, water, cable TV).

This two bedroom Khmer style apartment has fans, a spacious balcony, and comes fully furnished. Rent is around US$250 per month, plus utilities (electricity, water, cable TV).

This two bedroom apartment has A/C in bedrooms, 1 ensuite bathroom, and 2 extra bathrooms. It comes furnished, and rent is US$300 per month, plus utilities (electricity, water, cable TV). An existing fiber optic internet connection is in place, but residents must subscribe to the ISP (plans from US$12 per month, and we can help you arrange this).

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