Plae Pakaa: A fruitful season of traditional Khmer arts and performance.

Cambodian Living Arts are presenting an exciting series of performances at the National Museum showcasing a range of traditional Khmer arts including Yike opera, folk and classical (Apsara) dancing, and theatre.

“Plae Pakaa, or “coming to fruition”, symbolizes the trees of traditional arts that are now bearing fruits and flowers after having been growing over time. It also symbolizes emerging artists who are sharing the fruits of their hard work with us.

CLA is a non-profit organization based in Cambodia that focuses on Cambodian arts. CLA implements a series of programs, following the process of creating a sustainable environment where Cambodian arts can empower individuals and communities.”

Rehearsals for the Yike opera:

[youtube id=’dFEqUv_Tn_4′ width=’100%’ height=’400px’ /]

For more details, please visit the Cambodian Living Arts website.


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