The partners

To make a greater impact, Volunteer in Cambodia partners with other organizations, where they work together to contribute to the development of Cambodia!

Teuksaat (1001 Funtains)

Teuksaat (which means “clean water”) is a French NGO that provides a high quality service to rural communities. Their mission is to improve the health of rural communities in rural Cambodia by establishing and supporting sustainable social enterprises, which produce and distribute safe-drinking water locally within villages and guarantee water quality. Motivated by the idea that “we drink 90% of our diseases” as Louis Pasteur used to say, Teuksaat believes that by focusing on drinking water (1.50L /day /person), we can significantly improve people’s health and complement standard water and sanitation infrastructure approaches. And at VIC, we absolutely agree!

Access to clean water is a real problem in Cambodia, with a lack of water sanitizers, and only few months of rainy season each yea, which is not enough to supply water for families and agriculture. By building water tanks, Teuksaat helps to provide water at the lowest possible price without making any profit. They are supported by many organizations including the Red Cross.

Teuksaat’s main office is not far from our school CWF, which makes the communication between us really easy!

Project they are related to :
School of Banteay Meanchey

ASA (the organic farms)


CWDCC “Children and Women Development Center in Cambodia” enhances people’s capacity and right to obtain sufficient food security, improves gender equality, education and health, focusing particularly on women, children and vulnerable families such as the poor, handicapped and PLHA. Furthermore, it supports the community’s rights to manage their own natural resources, through collaboration between local government experts and NGOs.

Related to projects :

Capax World

With a current emphasis on project implementation in Cambodia, Capax World also has strategic partnerships and projects under development worldwide. Capax World integrates responsible, patient capital into the key developmental areas of education, clean energy, agriculture, healthcare, and water/sanitation in order to meet locally-identified needs. It enables the world’s poor to expand and utilize their skills, talents and drive to provide for their families and improve their communities.

NGO Education Partnership

NGO Education Partnership (NEP) is a membership organisation that coordinates dialogue and cooperation among key stakeholders to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Cambodia.
NEP values Integrity, Equality, and Collaboration.

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