One-a-day, A Praying Mantis, Two-day Raw Cleanse, and Pink Eye Funk… an excerpt from our volunteer Julie’s blog

I know some of you would like me to update my blog more frequently, but I’m not sure what I would write: went to school today, had slight diarrhea, Sila was a pain….you get the point! Anyway, I try to make my posts informative and entertaining, so we’ll see how I do here.

I read about this idea of doing something simple for thirty days. I really like this idea because I do so many things that are not productive (Facebook, drink, eat shitty foods, etc.) every day, so why is it so difficult to do something productive and creative? So I decided to take a picture a day. One simple picture. Of course, I end up taking more than one picture (which is the point), and at the end of the month, I should have a cool log of my past thirty days. Here is day one, a self portrait:


One of the coolest things happened to me the other day: a praying mantis came to visit our front balcony. I haven’t seen one of these for over 20 years, and I live in the city! Weird. Of course, being the inquisitive person I am, I had to look up what a praying mantis represents (in a spiritual, sending-a-message type of way).

Here is what I found out: seeing a praying mantis is a sign that one has created too much confusion, work, chaos in one’s life, and one should slow down, meditate more, and seek the calm within. Hmm. I thought this is what I’ve been doing, but apparently the Universe thinks differently. Blogging, reading, yoga-ing…what more can I do? Now that I write this, maybe Ms. PM wants me to stop worrying, especially about money. It’s just money. It comes and goes, and rarely anyone on his/her deathbed says, “Gee, I wish I had more money.”



Anyone who knows me, knows I like to eat healthy (or is it healthily? too lazy to look it up). So I had the opportunity to do a two-day raw cleanse, and it was amazing! There are some really great restaurants here, and the one that put on the cleanse was ARTillery Cafe ( Who would have thought that in Cambodia, one could partake in a raw cleanse?


The last thing that is going around is pink eye. Sila had it, but I wasn’t sure it was pink eye until Conan woke up one morning with it, and now I am waiting for the funk to take over my face. I’m trying very hard not to get it, but I probably will. If I do, I would like it to happen now because I am heading to Kep (beach town) this weekend for a little rest and relaxation (from my hard life here in PP??). I’ll keep you updated, but in case you’re wondering what it looks like, I snapped a picture of Conan’s eye for your viewing pleasure.
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