Vegetable gardening with help from CRDT

No time to volunteer but still want to contribute?

CRDT’s mission is to empower rural communities through a co-operative model of development. Communities become engaged in CRDT’s Community Based Organisations because they want to, not because a well meaning international NGO juggernaut rolls through the village and decides they know the best way to help. CRDT enables communities to take control of their livelihoods through access to technical advice and skills transfer, education in environment and agriculture, and community ownership of projects. This translates to effective programs with high rates of success.

The Conversations With Foreigners program is designed to give everyday people the opportunity to come to Cambodia to learn about development work, provide a valuable service to the local community, and directly contribute to CRDT’s work – without requiring doctorates in international development. The exchange of language skills, culture, and customs at the CWF centre creates a dialogue between Cambodia and the outside world – a world only slowly opening up to Cambodia after years of internal and regional conflict.

The 3 month teaching program allows us to provide a service to the local community for a locally affordable price – this allows us to operate a successful social enterprise, provide modest but comfortable classrooms and a first-class support structure for our volunteers, and, most importantly, also generate healthy profits that are channelled directly to the the Cambodian Rural Development Team.

But, our 3 month program is a big commitment for anyone – leaving work, friends, family, and all the commitments of daily life at home isn’t a luxury many of us can afford. So what can you do instead? Why not donate directly to CRDT through Global Giving!

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