Teacher Maggi and Students at CWF

Maggi – Group 34

Teaching at CWF was honestly incredible.

I lived in the volunteer house and was provided with 3 meals a day that are cooked by two of the most lovely women, Mony and Linda. The training is quite thorough and you get an opportunity to meet new volunteers as well as really be a part of what CWF is trying to do – which is to ultimately bring in funds for CRDT to benefit rural communities in Cambodia.

The students are very respectful and look to you as a mentor/friend. The curriculum is tailored towards Cambodian culture which makes them much more eager to engage and learn from the book. Despite having the book as a guide, I really encourage improvising with your lessons as well and taking that time to get to know your students.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity that involves skill enhancement, cultural learning and adventure exploring beautiful Cambodia, then I suggest applying and start packing your bags!

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