Mach 2009


Sunrise on another hot day in Cambodia

March has been a very busy month for the staff and volunteers at CWF.
We have had a full month of teaching and hopefully now everyone nerves have settled down. Judging from the laughter and squeals we hear from some of the classroom the students are at least having fun if not learning something.

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Socially the month has also been very busy. Firstly with the volunteers having been invited to a traditional Cambodian wedding.
What lady would turn down the opportunity to get all dress up and party. Certainly not our volunteers.
Opposite is a photo of the volunteers with the Bride and Groom.


The volunteer group enjoying themselves at the wedding.


Fun and games in the classroom


Teacher you are Khmer? No, my name is Cindy and I am from Ireland. But my parents are Korean and Chinese.


To finish the month off, we celebrated the big 60 with Bill on a cruise on the river.
There is that lady again. who is she? She is Sopheap Hour, our volunteer coordinator.

“Do not lead, I may not follow

Do not follow, I may not lead

Walk beside me and be my friend”