Khmer Language Classes with Soriya

Sour S’dei! – Hi!

Sok Sabay? – How are you?

K’nhom Sabay! – Im Happy!

CWF is not just a place to volunteer teaching English, but also it’s a place that you can gain experiences, get to know more about Cambodia, Cambodian people, food, local life, culture and help to raise money to support the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT). Khmer language is a large part of understanding the culture, and helps you engage with locals to enrich your experience.

We recognize that it’s very important to our volunteer teachers to have some basic local language skills to help them to make conversation to local people. Learning Khmer is not essential to being here, but it will help in many ways – from better prices at the market to saying good morning to strangers on your way to class, and appreciation and respect from Cambodians for going to the effort to learn their language. Even a small amount of basic Khmer language can help you get around the city and country.

At CWF, we provide free Khmer lesson to our foreigner volunteer teachers during the orientation week, and if they are interested to continue, we will arrange the Khmer class for them to study with one of our Khmer volunteer teachers in the second week of teaching calendar. Our Khmer volunteer teachers are also CWF students, he/she could be one of your students.

Khmer class is all about experimenting with language and having fun, you will learn understand the difference in how we use it between writing and speaking. The best part is seeing that huge Khmer smile from the local people when they hear you speak their language!

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