June – September

The wet season! It’s a favourite season for many, as the heat of April and May succumbs to the cooling effects of the monsoon.
Most monsoon rainfall occurs from July to October, with afternoon storms sweep through Phnom Penh bringing welcome relief from the hot days. The Mekong river, gorged with rains and ice melt from the upper Tibetan plataue forces the Tonle Sap river changes it’s course at Phnom Penh, pushing the river backwards and filling the giant Tonle Sap lake in the centre of Cambodia. The rice paddies are vibrant green throughout the country, allowing for Cambodia’s staple rice crops to flourish.

Program Overview:

-Airport Pickup

-Comprehensive 10 day orientation
Includes introduction to Cambodian culture, geography, Khmer language, safety and security, living in Phnom Penh, and 2 day introduction to the CWF curriculum.

-Visit CRDT in Kratie town, and travel with CRDTours to Koh P’Dao

-11 week teaching semester (June 13th to August 26th 2016)
Typically 4 hours of classes per day, Monday – Friday.

-All major Khmer and international public holidays (see below)

-A thank you party at the end of your program.

-Certificate of Appreciation and letter of recommendation

Things to see and do:

-A trip to Koh P’Dao during the orientation program

-Explore the city on impromptu bicycle tours

-Social events such as dinners, boat trips, sports, and local excursions

-Lazing about on a Sunday afternoon in a hammock by the Mekong

-Trips to the former royal capital Phnom Udong, Phnom Chiso, or the wildlife rescue centre at Phnom Tahmao

-Visits to our friends and partner organisations around Phnom Penh, and other provinces

-Free, ongoing Khmer language lessons from high level CWF students

-Dive into Phnom Penh’s vibrant arts scene
Traditional shadow puppets, Apsara dancing, contemporary music, film, street art, foreign cultural exhibits and theater.

-Friday night, catch a live Khmer or expat band on a Saturday night, and stroll around the city’s many contemporary art galleries on Sunday morning, then catch a challenging documentary and tasty bratwurst on Sunday evening.


Volunteers typically visit Siem Reap (for the Angkor complex), and the idyllic southern coast gems of Kep and Kampot, or the bustling backpacker beach party that is Sihanoukville. In the dry season, escaping into the hills of Mondolkiri and Ratanakiri in the north-east provide welcome relief from the heat of the lowlands.

June – August semester doesn’t have many public holidays, we still have a week long break with no classes! The semester is divided by a full week off, giving volunteers a great opportunity to spend 9 days exploring Angkor, the south coast, and the mountainous provinces of Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri!

18th – 20th of June
Birthday of Norodom Monineath Sihanouk, The King’s Mother

18th – 22nd of July
Mid-Semester break