July 09


Group 12
Semester twelve well underway with us again welcoming 13 new volunteers. CWF is fortunate to have continuing support from our generous volunteers who commit their time and energy allowing us to fulfill our vision.
At the end of this semester, CWF will commence our third year of operations thanks to over a hundred and twenty (120) volunteers.


Pictured above are our semester twelve volunteers cycling around the island during their visit to CRDT project in Kratie province. Would you believe this is Sopheap ninth excursion to the CRDT project.




Breaking news
A big thank you to Jo Bisset from Australia, her sister and friends who have raised sufficient funds for us to be able to purchase a photocopier for the school.

Another version of the CWF polo shirt has been adopted as informal uniform for all staff.


If you want one you can buy one! They are Cambodian cheap but the postage would probably be 4 times the cost of the shirt.