Guest Post: Project Writing from Module 6 student Yun Sam Ang

Another great Project Week contribution from Yun Sam Ang, a student in Colin’s Module 6 class.


When you go along the street No 271 at Sangkat Tuol Tompong 2 Khan Chamkarmon in Phnom Penh city, you will see a building with large logo (Conversations With Foreigners) that located on your left side (if you go from Stueng Meanchey Bridge) next to TOTAL petroleum station about 200m far from PRASAC Head Office.

Brief about CWF

Conversations With Foreigners (CWF) is a social enterprise English center that provides English educations service to the students to study with international volunteer teachers and engage conversational English classes. CWF raises fund to support the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) based in Kratie province which is a local not-for-profit working to improve food security, incomes and living standards of poor rural communities in support of environmental conservation in Cambodia. The mission of CWF is to raise money for LNGO Cambodian Rural Development Team.

All the teachers in CWF are foreigners who come with highly educational background and experiences. One of the most attractive things that caught my interest is the teachers in this school are volunteers and they claim nothing from school and they can be called zero fee teachers. When I first came at CWF, I do not know much about the school I just know the school from one of my colleague and she recommended me to have pretest for class enrollment  In my 4th day of attending class at CWF I realized that CWF is such a good school that I have looking for a long time. In the class I can make English conversation with my teacher whose name is Mr. Colin and he is one of my admired teacher. He came from England. He is generally kind, friendly, open minded person. He was a Mechanical Engineer and this semester is his 3rd semester at CWF. At beginning of my 4th day class when I was sitting on the chair listening carefully to the teacher, one of the school staff which hold the position of Academic Coordinator whose name was Mr. Ny entered in my class and he introduced me and all the students in the class about the school, vision of the school and the teachers too. He told us that the school are raising fund to support CRDT and all teachers in this school are international volunteers who comes and teach for free for the school and he suggested us to pay much attention in learning with the teacher and show respect with our teacher. After made a brief and short introduction, Mr. Ny went back to his seat and our class was continuing the lesson. After knowing something from Mr. Ny, I started to know more about the school mission and the great contributions of all teachers in the school that they are sacrificing to the growth of human resource development in Cambodia.

The activities of these person is very useful for all Khmer people and it is the good sample for all people in the whole world to copy or share this kind of good deeds that will bring us the peace of mind and the full happiness of life. The life is so short, so we must make our life colorful by doing something that is not only serves our own interest, but also to all mankind.

On behalf of Cambodian People and the students of CWF, I would like to extend my profound thanks to all teachers who are teaching at CWF for your kindly manner to Khmer people and this kind of your unforgettable activities will keep in the memory of Khmer people for ever and ever. And finally, I would like to share this project as a message to all Cambodian people work cooperatively with all parties to contribute to the growth of our nation. We cannot live in this world forever, but our reputation will last longer. So it’s time for all people in Cambodia who have same Khmer blood should join hands to develop our country to be highly developed country in the world and build our nation to become the famous country recognized by the people of the world.

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