CWF Level 7 Project week

Guest Post: Module 7 students on learning English at CWF

We recently finished CWF Project Week, a week where we put down the coursebook and have some fun! We’re excited to present a guest post from one of our Module 7 classes who wrote this blog post about learning English at CWF as their Project Week task, led by December-March volunteer Eleanor.

Welcome to our blog post on learning English!

For project week we conducted a survey of staff and students to find out their reasons for learning English, why they picked CWF and the best methods of studying. We also learnt more about CWF’s development work with the Cambodian Rural Development Team.

Why do we want to learn English?

Our survey shows that students and staff members have several reasons for learning English.  The first reason is that it will help us to get a good job in the future. Secondly, learning English makes it easy to communicate with foreigners. This is helpful when travelling in other countries. Also, English is an international language so it is helpful for using the internet, studying and business.

CWF Level 7 Project week

Learning at CWF

We found that there were many reasons for picking CWF as a school. Firstly, the teachers are mostly native speakers of English and we have the opportunity to practice with them every day. Native speakers can help us with our pronunciation so that we speak English well. Secondly, the organization funds projects for poor people in the provinces. It is a good thing to do humanitarian work and we, the students, can join in by attending CWF as our fees go towards such work.

CWF Level 7 Project week
Thirdly, we can pick from many different times of day to study. CWF provides a suitable time of studying that can make it easier for students to attend. Finally, CWF is a good place for those who want to exchange ideas about Cambodian culture and Western culture. Learning about foreign culture is so interesting. We can find out the differences between our culture and Western culture and it will be helpful for us if we want to avoid culture shock in the future. In conclusion, CWF is a good place which doesn’t teach us only how to improve our speaking skills, but also lets us learn about Western culture and contribute to humanitarian work.

Cambodian Rural Development Team

The school funds the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) which works towards a Cambodia with natural resources that is free from poverty. Everyone in Cambodia should have access to clean water, safe energy and a rich and protein varied diet. CRDT also works to preserve the Mekong river dolphin and other endangered species on the verge of extinction due to destructive natural resource usage. CRDT really cares about rural communities and knows how closely linked poverty is to natural resources so it works in support of environmental conservation in Cambodia.

CWF Level 7 Project week

Level 7’s tips for learning English!

First of all, we need to practice with native speakers by speaking as much as possible because that will improve our pronunciation, vocabulary and confidence.

Secondly, we think it’s important to read a variety of books. For example fairy tales, novels, romantic fiction etc.

Thirdly, it’s good to do more research and self study on the internet and in the library particularly about grammar.

Fourthly, listen carefully when people correct you. Lastly, a good way to practice English would be to go travelling because English is an international language.

English is absolutely useful for our generation and we hope that all the information above is helpful to others learning English.

CWF Level 7 Project week

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