Guest post from Group 22 volunteers Amy and Chris

Amy and Chris have kindly let me share some of her experience and photos during their time with us in our August-November 2011 group.

More common than you'd think! (Credit: Chris & Amy)

Yesterday we completed three months volunteer teaching in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Reflecting on our time now I have no regrets with our decision to use such a substantial amount of our travel time this way, as the experience itself has been so unique and invaluable in terms of insight into a country with such recent troubled history.

It was a Sunday morning in Korea when I came across the website Volunteer in Cambodia. After reading the information I immediately called Chris who was playing football in Seoul. I was so excited to have come across such a rare volunteer opportunity, in that our personal contribution was substantial, sustainable and (would you believe it?) free! Everyone knows that nowadays philanthropy costs! If you want to spend two weeks in Africa for example, building toilets for a starving family, it’s going to cost you at least $1,000 in fees before you even get there. Realistically your money would be much better spent (and go further), firstly in paying a fair wage to local tradesmen to do the job, then as a donation to a reputable organisation who is familiar with the specific needs of the community. But we won’t get into that…

 So, three months ago we found ourselves in Phnom Penh; we were to be the new, volunteer English teachers at “Conversations with Foreigners”.

Read the rest of Amy’s post and see more of her incredible photos here!

It was a pleasure to host Chris and Amy, and CWF wishes them safe travels as they continue their journey.