Group 23 volunteer Kate’s experience on Koh Pdao

I’d like to thank CRDT for an unforgettable weekend on Koh Pdao island. In just a few short days I felt like a part of a community and I learned so much about conservation.  The people on the island were welcoming from the very beginning. They shared delicious freshly cooked meals, opened their homes to us and welcomed us into the school. Spending time with the students was a complete joy.  Their laughter was contagious while playing with balloons, soccer balls, and other school yard games and their appreciation of the notebooks and pencils we shared was humbling. The traditional Khmer dancing was beautiful and dancing with the children was so much fun!


Kids at the Koh Pdao primary school (Credit: Kate Beazley)


Preparing and handing out notebooks, pens and pencils (Credit: Kate Beazley)

My favorite part of the trip was visiting the CRDT projects. Seeing the simplicity of life on the island was really eye opening. The families were so appreciative of the rain barrels, outhouses, electricity, and animals that CRDT not only provided but educated the people on.  One man we spoke to said his family was healthier because of the fresh water and they were able to save up more from the income from his chickens.  It was obvious he was proud to share what CRDT had taught him with us. It is really an honor to be helping such an amazing organization and the trip to the island was really one I will never forget.


A farmer and his wife stack rice straw after the harvest (Credit: Kate Beazley)


Cruising on the Mekong at sunset (Credit: Kate Beazley)


All of our volunteers get to experience village life during orientation, but if you’re interested in visiting Kratie and Koh Pdao yourself, get in touch with CRDTours!