Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mao Savin | Cambodian

Savin was born to a large family in a rural village of Prey Veng province. With his determination and commitment to make a difference, Savin gained a scholarship to study at MVU in Prey Veng. At MVU, Savin became good friends with Geordie and they shared a similar enthusiasm and inspiration, from which they co-founded Conversation With Foreigners (CWF) in 2006. Savin was then appointed to be the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Savin graduated from MVU with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, majoring in Accounting. Since then his professional field has been in finance and management. Savin is currently working as an Investment Officer at ‘Emerging Markets Investments’ and prior to this position, Savin was a consultant with ‘Emerging Markets Consulting’ for almost 3 years.

As a consultant, Savin works for both private sector clients, microfinance institutions and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and also in private sector development programs, including project and program designs, value chain analysis, export promotion, etc. However, Savin’s determination and enthusiasm continues to flourish as he is currently pursuing a profession in accountancy with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and is working
towards a Master of Business at Charles Stuart University.[separator /]

Members of the Board of Directors

Sun Mao | Cambodian

Mao is one of the founders of the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT), holding a BSc. in Agriculture Engineering, specialising in Rural Development. He has been involved with CWF as a Board Member since August 2010 helping to support good governance and accountability as well as developing relations and cooperation between CRDT and CWF.

He is currently the Executive Director of CRDT, engaging in organisational development, project design, overseeing technical implementation, policy development and strategic planning as well as handling day-to-day operations. In his current role, he has brought to CRDT a significant improvement in its professionalism and effectiveness in implementing projects. Recently CRDT achieved a certification of NGO Good Governance and Professional Practice in Cambodia.

With many years of experience, he has successfully developed several biodigester designs in the context of rural Cambodia, including what is currently the most effective design, and the one appreciated most by beneficiaries. In addition, during his career with CRDT, he has provided consultancy services in sustainable agriculture and rural development, renewable energy and climate change issues, to many government agencies and NGOs throughout the country.[separator /]

Leang Rattana | Cambodian

Rattana is a HR management and leadership specialist, and holds many years of experience with multinationals in the Telecommunications, Finance and Energy sectors. With Ericsson since 2008, Rattana has provided HR management, driven training and development throughout south east Asia, and currently manages Ericsson’s Cambodia office.

An alumni of Maharishi Vedic University (MVU) with a Bachelor Degree in Management, Rattana also holds a Master of Business from Charles Sturt University in Australia. [separator /]

Mr. Chiek Chansamphors | Cambodian

Samphors is a consultant at Emerging Markets Consulting. At EMC, Samphors handled various development and private sector projects including the study of community based microfinance in Cambodia, women’s economics empowerment, national industry strategy, business incubation, etc. He has more than 10 years professional experience working in multinational environment with the specialization in accounting, finance, marketing & sales, business development, and consultant. Samphors was also a co-founder of a HR consulting company and a researcher for a leading institution in Cambodia.

Samphors hold a master degree in Development Economics from Japan. [separator /]

Om Seng Bora | Cambodian

Mr. Om Seng Bora is a professional trainer and consultant with more than 15 years of diversified local and international experience in both commercial and non-commercial entities. His career has spanned a broad range of roles which includes English teacher, university professor, accountant, auditor, internal audit manager, CEO, trainer, consultant, advisor, board member, and entrepreneur.
Mr. Bora served from 2004 to 2009 as CEO of VisionFund Cambodia, one of the leading microfinance institutions locally and internationally with total staff of more than 600 and total assets of close to USD $ 27 million. His previous key positions include Member of the Board of Directors of Cambodia Microfinance Association, Internal Audit Manager for World Vision Cambodia, and Auditor at Ernst & Young. He is deeply passionate about transferring professional and practical life experience to benefit others.[separator /]

Adam Starr | Canadian

Adam Starr has been studying, working and living in Cambodia since 2001. He originally came to Cambodia as a University student completing a BA in International Relations and Development. He now lives and works full-time in Cambodia as a Program Manager with Fauna & Flora International dealing with landscape and species conservation. Adam first became involved with CWF whilst working as the Management Advisor of the Cambodian Rural Development Team and was actively involved when it was established in 2006. Today, he is a member of the Board of Directors for both CWF and CRDT.[separator /]

Khim Sokheng | Cambodian

Mr. Khim Sok Heng is a young dynamic leader and has been a professional trainer and director of HEDC International since 2003. During that time Mr. Sok Heng has effectively delivered training in Germany for World Youth Citizens, Scotland – UK and in Cambodia for local and international NGOs including Danish Red Cross, CARE International, World Vision, International Cooperation for Cambodia, American Center for International Labor Solidarity; International andUN Agencies including USAID, AusAid, UNDP; government organizations including Ministry of Cults and Religion, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture; Tertiary institutions including Microfinance Institutions; and the private sectors.
He is providing mentoring, training and consulting service to local and international organizations, in particular on Human Development.  [separator /]