Good news from our partner! CRDT’s Beneficiaries Happy with their Rice Yield

Rice har­vest­ing sea­son is com­ing in Cam­bodia as well as in Kratie province. While most farm­ers are happy with their good rice yield, some are wor­ried that their yield might be lesser than last year as their rice pad­dies were hit by the recent flood­ing. At the begin­ning of the rice grow­ing sea­son this year, 87 house­holds in O’Kreang com­mune, in Kratie province received high-quality rice seeds from CRDT’s pro­ject, what happened with their rice production?

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Since 2011, with the fund­ing sup­port from the Crit­ical Eco­sys­tem Part­ner­ship Fund (CEPF), CRDT has been imple­ment­ing a pro­ject entitled “Sus­tain­able Live­li­hoods for Mekong Biod­iversity and Crit­ical Wet­land Resource Con­ser­va­tion in Cam­bodia” with the local com­munit­ies in Sam­bour dis­trict to improve their live­li­hood activ­it­ies and income gen­er­a­tion through train­ings in agri­cul­ture tech­niques includ­ing rice grow­ing. Tra­di­tion­ally, indi­gen­ous people in the North East­ern provinces of Cam­bodia clear forest to grow rice, and they use local tra­di­tional seeds which are not yield­ing enough even to sup­ply their house­hold con­sump­tion. To help them improve their rice pro­duc­tion, CRDT has trained them in the new rice plant­ing tech­niques (SRI) and provided them with new rice seeds.

Through a fol­low up meet­ing with the bene­fi­ciar­ies, we found out that they are very happy with their rice yield this year because they could wit­ness the increased num­ber of rice grains on each stem (com­pared to last year) when they planted rice using the new seeds provided by CRDT. With this good res­ult, com­munit­ies have com­mit­ted them­selves to sav­ing the seeds which they will get this year for plant­ing next year onward.

What impressed our pro­ject staff the most is that the other farm­ers in the vil­lage also intend to use the good seeds next year as they have seen the suc­cess­ful exper­i­ment of their neigh­bors. From this exper­i­ence, we see how the know­ledge was trans­ferred among vil­la­gers and how import­ant the model farmer is in our pro­ject sustainability.


By Bin Dim, Pro­ject Man­ager in Kratie Province

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