CWF Group 34 at Phnom Chiso

Farewell group 34 – Welcome group 35!

It has been a really big achievement for the last semester, December 2014. We had 21 volunteers and Intern, and we opened 76 classes with 1036 students. It is the biggest number of students at CWF ever. Thank you very much to all of our volunteers, who are just recently finished and also from the previous time for your hard working to support CWF and CRDT team.

CWF couldn’t have achieved without everyone’s support.

CWF Cambodia Volunteer teachers, end of semester 34 party

Heres a few words from Maggi, December 2014, about her time here with us at CWF:

“Reflecting on my time with CWF over the last 3 months has showed me the power and potential of good people working towards a common goal with strong outcomes.
The platform that Conversations with Foreigners operates on is unique because it sustains development on a very local level. The students pay an affordable price for three months of English classes and this money goes towards supporting sustainable programs associated with The Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT).
The volunteers get the opportunity in the very beginning to visit the sites that CRDT works in and stay in homestays with local villagers to spend dedicated time helping with some of the projects.

In addition to the training provided before you go into the classroom, the staff is supportive and welcoming. Being in the classroom is one of the most humbling experiences that I have ever been privileged enough to encounter. As time went on, the relationships I had with my students became more than just me being their teacher, but many friendships development. While a foreigner brings a lot of outside knowledge about their country, there is also so much opportunity for you to learn about Cambodia and the students are eager to take and share information with you. Overall, I am so grateful to have taught such an incredible group of students and to have worked in an office with so much support.

If you’re looking for a teaching abroad experience that separates itself from the rest, then think about moving to Cambodia to work with CWF and let the people and opportunity speak for itself.”

CWF Volunteers see Irrawaddy dolphin

CWF also welcomes our new volunteers! They have just arrived in Cambodia two weeks ago and are half way through their first week of teaching. Our teachers are really enthusiastic in their teaching role and having a great time, as are their students. We hope everyone enjoys experiencing Cambodia and teaching English at CWF!

We really enjoy working with people from around the world that have found us and really appreciate the friendship that we have made. We all saw what friends can do when everyone helped Mony last month.

We wish everyone good health, happiness and successful of everything you wish to achieve in your life.


Orkun Chreun Chreun!




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