Exploring Cambodia

Our wonderful coordinator Soriya describes the opportunities we have for the volunteer team to explore Cambodia.


Every semester during orientation we take our volunteers to visit our partner the Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT)     so they can learn more about our objectives and the rural life style of Cambodians along the Mekong River. The trip usually takes   4 days and 3 nights. We spend two nights in Kratie town and one night at the community home stay on Koh Phdao Island, which is   a base for ecotourism.

In Kratie town our volunteers take the tour of the town so they go to see the market, the French colonial architecture, ancient temples and afterwards can relax by swimming in Mekong river.

When we make the trip to the community we stop on the way to get bamboo sticky rice for volunteers to try as it is the province’s most famous food and we also go up to the mountain called Phnom Sombok for the views across the Mekong and to see the active wat at the top.


Then we continue our trip to 100 pillars pagoda and take the boat to the Island to see CRDT’s projects and offer physical help to the community like building fences, vegetable gardening or bringing the sand from the river to build the road. Volunteers also have time to relax by taking a bike ride around the island and going to see dolphins and swimming in the Mekong River. The community has improved over the time that we have gone there. The tours are better organized and food is prepared well. They also provide information about the community, a home stay and the villagers come and chat with volunteers. At night time young people on the island do a show of traditional dance that is popular with tourists.


On the way back to Phnom Penh we stop at Skun for lunch and volunteers have the opportunity to try to eat spiders or hold the live spiders and try some different kinds of insects.

Our volunteers this semester had a great time and enjoyed everything. Some of them want to go back and stay to help with teaching English to the local people on the Island.

At Conversations With Foreigners our volunteers and potential volunteers receive a lot of support. We will also ensure that you experience Cambodia and get to know more about the country and people. As you’re free after your teaching hours you can explore the city and we always organize the social activities to visit

Silk Island where you can learn how local people manufacture the silk and buy their products. We can get there by bike, tuk tuk or boat.

Oudong Mountain which is the ancient capital city of Cambodia. There you can see temples marking the graves of past kings and view the countryside from the top of the mountain.

Phnom Chiso is located in Takao province where you can see the beautiful old temple that was built in 11th century. It is on top of the mountain and has a nice view of the rice fields.

• We also like to take volunteers for a picnic and boat ride at Kean Svay. It is about 30 minutes from Phnom Penh. As well as this we can always offer you trip advice for travelling around Cambodia during the semester break and help you to get visas for other countries in South East Asia.


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