CWF 2006-2012 Student and volunteers

CWF’s 25th Semester: 6 years of improving English and cultural exchange!

Today is the first day of our 25th semester, with a great team of volunteers from Canada, The U.S., Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, Spain, and Italy! We’d like to thank our newest volunteers for helping us to improve Cambodia! Map of where our volunteers come from

Our 25th semester also marks our 6th anniversary. Since September 2006, thanks to the incredible efforts of more than 350 volunteers, CWF have delivered English conversation classes to more than 15,000 students and hosted 368 volunteers!

Some statistics:

222 of our volunteers were female, while 146 were male.

Number of male and female CWF volunteers - 2006-2012

Our youngest volunteers were 18, and we’ve had volunteers all the way up to 75 years old!

Youngest and oldest CWF volunteers 2006-2012

We’ve seen steady growth in both volunteers and the number of students over the last 6 years, but our enrolments are always tied to volunteer numbers. The more volunteers we get, the more students can access affordable conversational English classes and the more money we can raise for CRDT.

CWF 2006-2012 Student and volunteers

Cambodia touches people in ways you can’t often predict. Many take home valuable skills and life lessons, and a greater perspective of the privileges of life in their home country.  For some, Cambodia grabs hold and doesn’t let go! We have many volunteers who have stayed to teach in Phnom Penh and elsewhere around Cambodia, and many volunteers come back to Cambodia to say hello (which we really appreciate!). Some even come back to volunteer for a second, third, fourth, and even fifth semester! Our return rate stands at just over 12%, which we’re extremely grateful for. We feel it proves the importance of our mission and the quality of our volunteer program.

Volunteer Return Rate


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