CWF School Relocation

Due to the success of Conversations With Foreigners, It has been necessary for sometime for us to find a larger facility. The reputation of our volunteer teachers and the quality of the courses they delivered has meant request for students enrollment has risen to over 800 this semester.

The CWF school is moving to a new location by Christmas this year. The new school will be located on the street 271 and will be twice the size of current building with more classroom and better facilities. (Past volunteers will be happy to know the new school has a very large teachers-room).

The new building means that all CWF activities ie CamTEFL can take place at the one location.

As the new location is quite a bit further from the volunteer house than our current location, we are examining the possibility of using TUKTUK to and from the house or ensuring there are sufficient bicycles or a combination depending on volunteers choice.


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The reception area of the new building prior to being remodeled