CWF Feb 2010

Donation to CRDT

On 22 Many 2010, volunteers, CWF Board of Directors and staff presented a Cheque to the value of $ 22,000.00 to support CRDT projects for 2010. Within only three and a half years, CWF totally has funded over $37,700.00 to CRDT In conjunction, CWF has had nearly 200 volunteers from all over the world and is teaching over 700 students everyday. With regard to these invaluable results, CWF team would like to give a big thank you to the volunteers, partner organization, supporters and students for their hard work, contribution and support.


$ 22,000.00 Donation Cheque


Sad to say goodbye


Students and teacher saying goodbye

Group activities


Volunteers’ trip to Batambong


Local Motodop


Nice shade of lily leaf


Ride Bamboo train



Bokor Mountain, one of most beautiful natural scenery in Kampot province.


Mountain Top


Abandoned building on the mountain top


Trip to Rabbit Island, Kept


Boat to the island


On the island


Get up, we got to go !


Repainting the house (pictures)
It’s a present to welcome the new volunteers who live at the house…

Common Kan ….we need to rush!!

Welcome to new volunteers

This time of the year, there are 19 volunteers, 8 Americans, 5 Australians and 2 British, 2 Newzealand, Canada, Denmark


New CourseBooks
We are going to introduce new course books to students and volunteers in the following semester.
There will be two main course books, work-book for students and teacher guide books. The work book consist of ten different levels…Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate.
A new system for students
Course work: 80% (through weekly progress evaluation)
Attendance : 20% (through the end of the course)
The above result will be printed in an official paper signed by their teacher to be presented by their teacher at the end of the course at the party.
Hope that these will keep track of students’ weekly progresses and encourage them to come regularly into their classroom.

Thank you Anna, friends and ex-volunteers for helping with the course book

There will be air-con in every classroom 🙂 , but it will cost us more…..which requires more effort from you..

Congratulation to Soriya

has been promoted to be Sopheap’s assistance and house keeper. She is working at the volunteers house supporting Sopheap, assisting volunteers and directly supervising the cook.

Welcome to a new staff member


New staff has been recruited to take over Soriya old role and work as a security guard in the evening at the school. His name is Lou Rethy. He’s a university students studying ManagementHe comes from Takeo province, 100 Km south of Phnom Penh.
Rethy used to work as a security guard at one of the security companies in Phnom Penh. He worked at night, 12 hrs a day and studied at University during the day time. He said that CWF has given him a lot of opportunity in self-support as well as furthering his education. He’s so happy to be part of CWF team and communicating with foreign volunteers.