Donation to CWDCC for 2017 !

CWDCC (Children and Women Development Center in Cambodia) is a local Non-Profit and Non Governmental Organization, based in Kampot Province. It was registered with the Ministry of Interior in 2005. CWDCC aims to empower communities by working to improve the overall wellbeing of people, with a particular focus on women and children.

CWDCC consists of a team of 18 people (of which 10 are women) and works along the coastline of Kampot and inland into Koh Sla, an area that was previously controlled by the Khmer Rouge. PHOU Teng, the Executive Director of the organization, has successfully led the team since 2005 in the following areas :

  • Improvement of food security.
  • Health care promotion for women and children
  • Enforcement of rights for women and children
  • Promotion of quality education for children.
  • Promotion of  good governance at a local level.

In order to align with Volunteer in Cambodia’s vision regarding Sustainability, CWDCC launched a project involving its own community, with the primary focus of improving the lives of fishermen and developing the skills and capabilities of children.

Eco-Tourism and Education

These are the 2 main objectives that we are working towards over the next 10 months:

  • The improvement of eco-tourism

The Kampot area is well known for its mangrove forests but without the necessary means (that is, a small and fast boat) it is impossible to visit some of the areas in this beautiful place! Bridges will be built both within and around the forest, so that people can come to visit and spend some time there. However, they should avoid playing hide and seek, as they might just get lost amongst the trees! Furthermore, structured walking areas will limit the pollution caused by cars and scooters, so it’s a double win!

5 kiosks will also be added for the local people to use, so that they can manage and oversee this venture. (For those of you who have been to Phnom Penh, you will have noticed that many Khmer people reside at their place of work. Although this won’t be the case here, we are still aiming to provide a restful sanctuary for the staff of this project!)

  • The education of children

Access to education is not easy in most rural areas. There is limited transportation, and many children need to walk for hours just to partake in an hour or two of schooling. Our financial investment will help to repair schools and their facilities, many of which cannot even afford proper toilets. Additionally, about 50 bicycles will be provided to schools, to give students better resources to travel to and from school.


eco tourism from CWDCC

The project will benefit a total of 169 children and about 500 fishing families.
It may seem simple from a Western point of view, but our contribution really does make a difference.Not only does it benefit the people living in rural communities, but it also helps to heal and protect our natural resources and environment. So let’s keep moving forward and transforming our small corner of the world into one that can be shared by all!

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