Congratulations on CWF Fourth Year Anniversary

Since inception of CWF in August 2006, CWF has remarkably transformed itself from a very small operation with few volunteers and a hundred and eighty students to over two hundred volunteers and nine hundred students everyday supervised by young Cambodians.

In early 2010, CWF also changed its premise to a larger building. This can accommodate double quantity of students and volunteers allowing staff to have their own offices, and library for the teachers, including air-cons for every classroom. CWF also has been hiring more local staff (sixteen staff) working for the organization This means that it has been able to raise local employments and provide more courses to local students. On the other hand, it also has been providing more opportunity to international volunteers experiencing through teaching and living in Phnom Penh, Cambodian, as well as raising more funds to support CRDT projects in livelihood development of poor Cambodian families and natural resources conservation in northeast Cambodia.

However, the continuity of its operations have been strongly supported through retention of students and especially supported by past volunteers returning and helping volunteers’ living support program, running the teachers’ training and many more.

In the coming year, CWF will strategically focus on program updates in publication, improvements of governance, and long term strategic plan. These will enhance CWF’s reputation and gain better value to maintain long term sustainability.

All the above results cannot be accomplished without the support from all stakeholders, volunteers, partners, students, operational staff and board of directors. We are very much grateful for all your invaluable support to the development of Cambodian human resources by providing good conversational English courses as well as raising money for our rural development and natural resources conservation through Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT).

We, the management team, staff and Board of directors, promise to keep our solid commitments and provide the best practice to accomplish greater results in the following years with your endless support.

We wish everyone prosperity, success and good health.

Sincerely yours,

CWF Team