Battambang : Nature & Agriculture Part 1

What is really interesting in Battambang is the conservation of the agricultural methods. We feel the authenticity, a place that went through history and keep the khmer charm. We started the visit into a farm apart from the center city (you have to know that Battambang is ranked 3rd in term of population, which is consider like another capital in the north). It was not isolated but inside a village after crossing many schools which took us about an hour to get there. Stopping the car in the middle of the road, we stepped in a little garden entrance for this typical but huge khmer house entirely made of wood. The farm was behind the house and about 2 hectares of green and healthy were waiting for us. It felt like entering in a secret chamber but this door leads to a world of nature.

As the farmers have been studying a lot through the past few years about agriculture, they noticed that their field will start having irrigations problems during the next years of the dry season part. To prevent this upcoming risk, they have been looking for investors to help them adapt, as being far from the center city of Battambang is always a handicap for villages. VIC is collaborating with many professionals to sort out the best solution as many factors have to be taken into account as geographically, the weather through the year and how it will evolve with the current eco-system.


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