Banteay Meanchey part 2 : the next generation

One other mission of VIC is to protect nature and helps the khmer population to be aware of their own treasure so they can use them and develop a market, a culture, a life. While the adults and wise ones give their best to make Cambodia a sustainable place, youngsters are preparing themselves to take over from them.

VSG : the Village Support Group

They act for the good of small villages improving their agriculture skills and centralizing the knowledge

The Lataste household

At Lataste, children from many families came from a hard and poor environment. Domestic violence, child abuse or just poverty itself were the suffering life of many, and Lataste was builded to save them from those misfortunes.
Builded as school but functionning as a household, many students from now on stay at Lataste which gave them shelter, food and also daily courses as English, Maths, French language and even cooking class.

Lataste school has many partners as 1001 funtains, Arceal and many other french partners. VIC and Lataste are currently working on a partnership to improve the life of many on the long term. And telling the truth, they are already doing a great job.

More information : Foyer Lataste (clic to open the link)

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