Anand – Group 23

Whenever people ask ‘so, how was Cambodia?’ I am often left wishing that the question asker had a spare 5 hours for me to list all of the things I loved about my time there. Sadly, 5 minutes is generally the longest available time so most of these things go unsaid.
Volunteering with CWF was the best thing I have ever done and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The administration of the volunteer experience is exceptional – the level of support and genuine care of all members of staff is fantastic. The setup of the program is just awesome; living with fellow volunteers just a stone’s throw from the school in a vibrant and exciting part of Phnom Penh is an experience that’s hard to accurately describe in words.
The cost of the program is the most competitive I have seen anywhere in the world, but at no stage did it feel like a budget experience.
Indeed, my time there was culturally richer than anything I could ever have imagined. The teaching experience was highly challenging, but the support in place at CWF made meeting these challenges achievable and very rewarding. Through teaching at CWF I developed new skills and realised my potential for meeting challenges. The CWF program is a perfect example of how a volunteer experience can be incredibly rewarding for volunteers, and of significant benefit to those it helps. It is something I will never forget.

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