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Join our volunteer team as an English teacher and get involved in our social enterprise based in Phnom Penh. Learn to share but also to receive with a fantastic population, who despite a deep war history, keeps being lively.

We offer a 3-month ESL teaching placement with teacher training orientation, development workshops, class sit-ins, feedback sessions, drop-in support, etc. facilitated by our Academic Managers. It’s a great way to test the ESL waters and gain valuable ESL classroom experience in an informal, yet professional environment.

With 4 terms per year, much of what we do is very unique!

The first thing is that we teach localized English. This means that we only teach our Cambodian students things that are relevant to them. No Halloween or 4th of July celebrations for example, but Ancestors’ Day or January 7th which are two important days in Cambodian culture and History – the former being religious and the latter marking the end of the Khmer Rouge regime. No strawberries or blueberries, but tropical fruit like snake fruit or jackfruit – basically what our students buy and eat! Our Debate class includes topics that students can relate to in their daily life such as the benefits of road dividers to regulate Phnom Penh traffic or their workplace, like reducing the number of Cambodian bank holidays. It’s also a great way to delve into Cambodian culture through teaching English. Our teachers engage in conversations with our students about their daily lives and strives, as well as life in general in Cambodia.

Another key differentiating factor is that 60% of our profits help fund projects for our beneficiaries – local partner NGO’s doing amazing work in rural areas of Cambodia. A recent example is 1001fountaines which is one of CWF’s newest beneficiaries. 1001fountaines aims to provide clean drinking water to poor rural families through their water kiosks. In 2017, CWF will support more than 5000 schoolchildren through 1001fountaines and that contribution from CWF will secure their access to clean and safe drinking water for an entire school year! This is only but one example.

This is what makes us stand out from the crowd! We generate profits through our language classes for our project funding. It is a great mechanism that allows transfer of funds from the city – where money is concentrated – back to the funding rural development projects – where money or investments are scarce.

And you can help us make that happen!

The 4Gs of volunteering


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August 30th 2017 to November 26th 2017


November 29th 2017 to February 25th 2018


February 28th 2018 to May 27th 2018


May 30th 2018 to August 26th 2018

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"An amazing experience !"

“You know that your time is contributing to the villages of Cambodia because of CWF’s partnerships. Another highlight for me was the legendary Angkor Wat temples and the crystal clear waters of islands.” – Emma 2016 (more)

"A lovely adventure."

“It was a wonderful experience. It was rewarding, character building, challenging, and immensely enjoyable. The students were a delight to teach.” – Frank and Wendy 2015 (more)

"That is so fun !"

“My students were phenomenal. I was nervous, lacking self-assurance. Cambodia as a country, humbled me, yet empowered me to continue to grow in all areas of my life. I will definitely be back one day.” – Chelsea 2017 (more)

Cambodia gives a lot of reason to celebrate : Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben, King’s birthday, Independance Day and many more during the whole year. As Khmer have their own calendar, it allows a lot of free time during the year for any expats to explore the beautiful kingdom of Cambodia. Join hikers into a trek to Mondulkiri, explore the remains of Kingdom of Angkor Temple part humanity art treasures and lose yourself in the heavenly islands of Koh Rong… Let’s not uncover all the secrets, do you think you can handle this adventure ?