The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself into giving to others.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself into giving to others.


Our next volunteer intake

Teach them a lesson !

If you would like to be personally involved by your action, if you think that you have a great personality and a heart big enough to share your knowlegde, come and apply as a volunteer teacher for CWF !


The word “volunteering” has a special meaning to everyone and it depends on what you experienced so far.

This word precisely : experience.

How was your life until now ?

Who did you meet until now ?

When did all of that happen ?

What is your next plan ?

Because each person has its own life, each person also has its own problem to deal with, whether he or she is happy with his or her life. Or maybe not. And this is exactly what volunteering means: it is something more to do, to receive, to share, to learn besides everything you already have to take care of. It is about making another step between your own room and the rest of the world’s communities. Getting out of your comfort zone and giving a piece of it to someone else.

We are not meant to act alone, so take the first step ;).

No Fee

Your only expenses are your own needs. No volunteering fee. Ever.

Cultural exchange

Learn about a country but also their life with our FREE khmer cooking and language classes !


Embrace this opportunity to boost your skills for a future career

Sustainable benefits

Funds are channeled to projects that will make Cambodia sustainable by itself

Awesome & cheap accomodation

We have our own house to reduce your cost of life in Cambodia (which is already quite cheap)

Organized trip to project

For an extra cost, you can join us to see the project and meet the beneficiaries

Expert Teaching Training

Benefit from our +10 years of experience through workshops and teaching

More than 24/7 support

A support team to organize your stay, teach you khmer and cooking for free !

Chelsea Gouchey

“My students were phenomenal. I was nervous, lacking self-assurance. Cambodia as a country, humbled me, yet empowered me to continue to grow in all areas of my life. I will definitely be back one day.” – 2017

Frank Leverett

“It was a wonderful experience. It was rewarding, character building, challenging, and immensely enjoyable. The students were a delight to teach.” – 2015


“You know that your time is contributing to the villages of Cambodia because of CWF’s partnerships. Another highlight for me was the legendary Angkor Wat temples and the crystal clear waters of islands.” – 2016